A Pocket Guide
To Environmental Bad Guys

(and a Few Ideas on How to Stop Them)

James Ridgeway & Jeffrey St. Clair

Chapter: The New Environmental Movement

Page 164-165:

Save America's Forests

"Started on a shoestring budget in the early 1990s, premised on the notion that grassroots forest activists needed a presence on Capitol Hill; …found a cheap office near the Library of Congress, and rapidly began one the most influential environmental outfits in Washington; has effectively fended off dozens of bad bills with their unique brand of on-the-spot activism; have also promoted a positive agenda, crafting legislation that would dramatically overhaul forest management on public lands by ending the practice of clearcutting and by requiring all old-growth forest and roadless areas to be set aside from loggers' chainsaws: the Act to Save America's Forests, has been endorsed by 600 scientists, including E.O. Wilson and Jane Goodall."