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The Waorani (Wow-rah-nee) are struggling against the onslaught of massive oil development in their ancestral Yasuni rainforest, and the destruction it brings. They are fighting to prevent further oil roads, drilling rigs and processing plants, in order to protect their health, their culture and formerly isolated rainforest they live in.

The Waorani have successfully defended their rainforest against outsiders for centuries. Because the Waorani used only a small amount of natural bounty of Yasuní, and they kept others out of their region, the unparalled biodiversity of Yasuní has been protected by the Waorani, and is still virtually intact. But it is threatened by oil development and deforestation. Now the Waorani are asking for our help in this monumnental fight to regain their rights and protect their land.

Hunter-Gatherer Waorani, Protectors of Yasuní and in Balance with Nature for Centuries, Meet the Destructive Oil Technology and Economy of the 21st Century



     Includes Maps of Waorani Territory, Oil Threats, and Brief Narrative


Waorani Visit Washington

     Pictures from Save America's Forests visit to Huaorani Territory in the Yasuni region, and of Visit by Waorani Leaders to U.S., including meetings with members of U.S. Congress
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Important Waorani Documents



     Association of the Waorani Women of the Ecuadorian Amazon
  La Associación de Mujeres Waorani de la Amazonía Ecuatoriana

  A Brief History of the Waorani
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  Waorani Links
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Read the letter from the Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation
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Read the letter from Leading Scientists, including E.O. Wilson and Dr. Jane Goodall
E.O. Wilson Lecture and Slide Show in the U.S. Senate
Dr. Jane Goodall's Press Conference and Lecture in the U.S. Senate
Dr. Peter Raven's letter to the Senate endorsing the Act to Save America's Forests

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