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 E.O.Wilson Slide Show: Eighth slide


The Decline in Species Due to Habitat Fragmentation


"And as predicted the numbers of species, in this case mammals, even in our national parks, is declining. The smaller the patch in each island, in turn, the faster the decline. It won’t decline to zero, but it will decline to a new roughly equilibrial state significantly below what it was before those forested areas were turned effectively into islands.

So these are the kinds of facts well documented that should be kept in mind when thinking about the fate of the last remaining undisturbed forests and other habitat as among America’s most precious resources and part of our natural heritage.

I hope Senator Torricelli’s legislation [The Act to Save America's Forests-ed.]will be successful. I think it will be a major step not just for the future environmental security of the United States, but as an example that is badly needed, to be an important step forward for the rest of the world, which is unfortunately copying our tactics with great fidelity."

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Dr. E.O. Wilson

Slide show, delivered by
E. O. Wilson, Ph.D.
April 28, 1998
U.S. Capitol
Washington, DC

"It is critically important the Act to Save America's Forests be passed into law as soon as possible. The Act is essential to protect the forests and biodiversity of America, and will prevent countless plants and animal species from going extinct."

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