Yasuni Rainforest Tapir Masked Crimson Tanager

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Save America's Forests Yasuni Rainforest Campaign is working in close collaboration with the following two partner groups:

Finding Species

Finding Species pioneers new ways to communicate about biodiversity, bridging the gap between scientists, conservationists, and the public. Finding Species does scientifically accurate and beautiful photo-documentation of species for print and web field guides, educational exhibitis, and conservation campaigns. Ultimately, we seek to stem the tide of species extinctions.

Finding Species has supplied many of the photographs that appear on this website.

Accion Por La Vida

We also to wish to thank the following for permission to use their photographs appearing on this website:

Finding Species for the following photos:
Night Monkey, Tapir, Jaguarondi, Giant Otter, Moonrise

Mark Guerney for the following photos:
Night Monkey, Amazonian Purple Emporer Butterfly, Masked Crimson Tanager, Blue and Yellow Macaw, Hoatzin, toucans,

Ricardo Kuehn for the photo of the Harpy Eagle

TADPOLE for the following photos:
Snake, frogs, butterflies, flowers

Roy Fontaine for the photo of the Wooly Monkey



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